Ambam, the walking Gorilla

Happy 24th Birthday Ambam 2014

Ambam the gorilla who walks like a man celebrates his 24th birthday today Sunday, Jul 6th 2014 (and 6ft tall beast is STILL king of the internet)

Video of Ambam aping humans viewed nearly 6m times since 2011 The western lowland has perfected balancing on his two hind legs He lives at Port Lympne wild animal park near Hythe, Kent

A gorilla who became an online sensation when footage emerged of him walking like a human celebrates his 24th birthday today.

The internet video of western lowland gorilla Ambam aping humans with his unusual habit of walking upright has been viewed nearly six million times since 2011. Normally gorillas get around on all fours, but Ambam has perfected balancing on his two hind legs at Port Lympne wild animal park near Hythe, Kent. Scroll down for video

Birthday boy: Ambam, a Western Lowland Gorilla, explores his enclosure at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park near Ashford, Kent

Like you: Ambam's upright walk became an internet hit when it was posted on YouTube His habit of walking like a human is also exhibited by his sister Tamba and her two-year-old son Kabale, a park spokesman said.

Head of gorillas Phil Ridges said: 'All gorillas have the ability to stand upright to some degree, although they often choose not to, but Ambam and his sister have a particular talent at standing and walking completely upright on two legs.'

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Ambam shares his birthday with stars including actresses Julie Christie and Sarah Michelle Gellar, cellist Julian Lloyd Webber and actor Robert Carlyle. Weighing 220kg, Ambam is Port Lympne's biggest gorilla, whose lifespan can stretch from 30 to 50 years. He was born at the park's sister site, Howletts, in 1990.


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