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"Updated August 5, 2016""

Below you will find web pages of all kinds, for your enjoyment. Below the pages you will find a web site where you can watch free movies, called "Crackle". And below that will find a bunch of online games to play. Have fun and enjoy your self at Richard's Page Creations.

NEW: The Rifleman (1958 to 1953)

NEW: Richard's Christmas Movie House

Degenerative Disc Disease

On Veterans Day

Weird Laws in Michigan

62 Crazy United States Laws

History Of Mackinac Bridge Michigan

Johnny Cash
Greatest Hits

Best City to Live in Michigan 2014

Pokagon Potawatomi (SW Michigan)

The Nazi with a Heart

Weird Al
Amish Paradise (video)

Native American Movies Wigwam (video)

Unusual Flowers

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Custard Died for Your Sins

Great Lakes Live
Weather Map

Ali Mills - Waltzing Matilda

Mini Biography
One and Only
Betty White

"Into The West"
(TV movie mini series)

Fancy Treehouses

Johnny Cash's Last Interview 2003

Spirit: A Journey in Dance Drums and Song

Complete Hits of Johnny Crawford - 1960s

Ambam, The Walking Gorilla
Turns 25 in 2014

The Sixties

More Coming Soon

(Native American band 1970's)

Bath, Michigan, School Disaster of 1927

Richard's Movie House

The Splendor of Color HD-Kaleidoscope

Native American Craft and Supplies

The Candy Bomber

Beautiful Pure Michigan (Video)

Sikh People From Punjab, India

Saltwater Aquarium

Ray Stevens - Rayality Webisodes

Oh Great Spirit

Are You Lonesome Tonight
seniors version

Pokagon Potawatomi Round Dance
Native American

Tribute to Native American Veterans

BEWARE.... Zombie Cats

JRR Tokien - "The Hobbit"
(Audio Book)
Each chapter is 6 MB MP3)

How to Make Moccasins

True Love Never Dies.

"CATS" 25th Anniversary tour 1998

What Shes Got

You Raise Me Up

Super volcano Yellowstone
When it Erupt

Brown Recluse Spider
Bites on the Rise

Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald

More Coming Soon

Free TV Shows on CW channel

Free Movies and some TV Shows

Free eBooks
Enjoy reading books and for free.


Games I collected from Internet

Jigsaw Puzzles
Of all sizes and pieces.

Battleship (old board game)

Titanoboa: Monster Snake

Ms Pacman
Use arrow keys for control

(new site - fullscreen)
Deal or No Deal

Classic Bubble Shooter

Yahtzee #2 version

Gold Miner Game

Bubble Shooter 3

Gin Rummy


High Speed Highway
Use arrow keys for control

Word Search

More games coming soon.




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